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CISO Services
CISO Services
CISO Services
CISO Services
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Chief Information Security Officer Services

We’ll partner closely with you, become a part of your executive team and trusted advisor. We take on your Cybersecurity function as CISO. Here’s what you get, and more:

  • Designing and maintaining an Information Security program
  • Evaluating and managing compliance requirements and risks
  • Providing templates for required policy and process documentation as needed for compliance and customizing them in your subscribed framework
  • Giving you unlimited, 24/7 remote support –on-demand advice and guidance on the management of the Information Security program as needed
  • Presenting quarterly Information Security and Compliance gap analysis reports
  • Performing quarterly internal and external vulnerability scans (requires customer side-scanning software)
  • Quarterly Onsite Meetings to review included Information Security and Compliance gap analysis reports

So, What Exactly is a CISO and why does it matter?

The CISO (chief information security officer) is a senior-level executive responsible for developing and implementing an information security program, which includes procedures and policies designed to protect enterprise communications, systems and assets from both internal and external threats.

The CISO may also work alongside the chief information officer to procure cybersecurity products and services and to manage disaster recovery and business continuity plans.

The chief information security officer may also be referred to as the chief security architect, the security manager, the corporate security officer or the information security manager, depending on the company's structure and existing titles. When the CISO is also responsible for the overall corporate security of the company, which includes its employees and facilities, he or she may simply be called the chief security officer (CSO).

Why is it important to have a CISO function regardless of the size or the stage of your organization?

In addition to responding to data breaches and other security incidents, the CISO is tasked with anticipating, assessing and actively managing new and emerging threats. The CISO must work with other executives across different departments to align security initiatives with broader business objectives and mitigate the risks various security threats pose to the organization's mission and goals.

CISO salaries appear to be increasing steadily, according to research from IT staffing firms. In 2016, IT staffing firm SilverBull reported the median CISO salary had reached $224,000. We can only estimate the median salary has increased dramatically if you can find a good qualified CISO.

Priorities and Experience

Our qualified professionals that will be your CISO will help you guide through the important business decisions you are making with an in-depth knowledge of the impact of your business decisions on your security posture.  We will help you be proactive and anticipate security issues before they become major business problems.

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CISO Services
CISO Services

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